Sacred Well Ministries



Sacred Well Ministries is a Pagan community service group. Our mission is to provide spiritual support, religious and educational services to the local Puget Sound area Pagan community. This includes our work in Public Circles, discussion groups, our future Hospital Pastoral Care and Hospice programs. It is an open group that facilitates cooperation and fellowship between all members of the Pagan community. We are always looking for new avenues of service and interfaith outreach.


The MoonStone Circle and Raven’s Hearth Coven are the primary volunteer groups that coordinate the efforts of Sacred Well Ministries.   Part of our tradition is service to our community.  We have several other groups and individuals who contribute in a variety of ways.


Membership in Sacred Well Ministries is open to any individual or group who wishes to share in our community.  Those who are under the age of 18 years must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian.  Members must be open and accepting of the various expressions of faith within the Sacred Well community, whether or not it agrees with their own chosen path.


It is necessary that a Member be accepting of our general code of ethics which includes a non-violent approach both of body and mind in one’s interactions with others and with the world around us.  Religious tolerance of all religions is important to the mission and purpose of Sacred Well Ministries.  It is also important that Members be comfortable with diverse affection and sexual preferences, gender identities, family structures, racial and cultural differences, and have respect for the personal boundaries of other individuals.

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