changing times

July 25, 2020

As we learn to navigate these unprecedented times, our spirits can sometimes be put to the ultimate test of fortitude and resilience. Essential workers have had to push themselves to the limits of endurance and beyond. Many of us have been isolated from loved ones, and feeling disconnected from our communities.

Sacred Well has had its own challenges with this, but we are determined to do our very best to find ways to keep our connections alive and vital. We have not had a large online presence. We hope to grow and learn, and be able to expand our reach to include those near and far who wish to join us in community.

SO – with that we are planning our very first online ritual for Lughnasadh, using Zoom as our platform. We will send out copies of the ritual to those who wish to join us, or for those who cannot, we can still provide you with a copy so that you may adapt it as a solitary ritual.

For more information on the ritual, to request a copy, or other questions please email us at

And as always, we welcome your input. What kinds of things do you want to see on our web page? Is there a ritual that you would be interested in exploring? This is your community, and we need as much participation as possible for it to grow and thrive and flourish. We may not be able to host live events for quite some time but we can still find ways to come together. Sending you blessings, of health, abundance, hope, and love!

Sacred Well Ministries

One thought on “changing times”

  1. Thank you for everything you do and all the sacrifices you make for our community my sweet Kathi. You are so appreciated! 💜💜💜


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