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Sacred Well Ministries offers a variety of individual services. Currently, beyond public rituals and educational opportunities, we offer the following to the community:

Rites of Passage – The Clergy of Sacred Well Ministries are trained in facilitating rituals to mark the important milestones and life changes within our community. Every member of clergy has a different style and structure with such rituals, and will work with you for an appropriate expression of the rite. Traditional pagan Rites of Passage include:

New Baby or Child Welcoming Ceremony – A ritual for a young child, to bless, protect and consecrate that child and welcome them as a new member of our community.

Coming of Age – A rite for young people ranging from early teens to early twenties, signifying entering into the role and responsibilities of adulthood.

Handfastings – A ceremony of commitment between life partners. The ritual can be a spiritual union only, or a legally binding marriage. We welcome all relationships of love, regardless of gender or lifestyle choice.  (love, honor and respect are the key).

Handparting Ritual – Should a relationship end and ties need be broken.

Croning /Saging /Eldership – A ritual of elderhood for indicating entry into the phase of life that is marked by wisdom, maturity and mentorship.

Crossing/Transition – Rituals to support an individual in passing from this plane of existence.  Honoring the transformation and the journey from flesh to Spirit.

Funeral/Memorial – A ceremony for the dead and for the living, creating sacred space for grieving and to celebrate the life of the deceased.

Pet and/or Familiar passing ritual – A ceremony to honor our beloved animal companions. Creating sacred space for grieving, blessing their journey into Spirit.

Other services we offer are:

House Blessings and Cleansing – Whether it is a new residence or old we can tailor the ritual to suit your needs.

Pet Blessing – For our animal family members – Blessings, protection, and healing, as well as a welcoming ceremony similar to those for our human children.

Spiritual Counsel – Our clergy members are available for spiritual counseling and a wide range of healing services. Spiritual counsel is often done in conjunction with divination techniques and readings such as Tarot, Runes, and Scrying.

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Spiritual Healing – We also offer spiritual healing from our various traditions supplemented with complimentary modalities including energy work, guided meditation, herbalism, flower essences, and crystal therapy

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